Venus Figurine Of Hohle Fels Analysis

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The carver of “The Venus Figurine of Hohle Fels” was depicting a woman in 40,000-35,000 BCE. The debate is over was this a cult object or just the earliest depiction of art. The carver clearly emphasizes the breast, the vagina, the hips and the thigh region. I would like to say this sculpture is emphasizing being a woman, and talking about the sexuality of a woman. Also possibly holding women accountable for reproduction. In my opinion I would say this is more so a cult object, than art. The main reason why I believe this is when we think about religion we don’t glorify sex or the female anatomy per say but, back in those times…show more content…
These women would most likely want protection going into labor. They might have had this belief that worshipping this god would give them protection. If I was going into labor in that time period I would want every reassurance possible. It’s also the same today with women they only want the best for their babies and their selves. I also believe this is talking about reproduction because of the emphasizing of the hips. I have heard in the past times women with large hips or heavier set women were better for mating. Their mates, the men believed if you were heavier you were able to successfully carry a baby. If this was really a cult emphasizing the importance of reproduction the sculpture clearly depicts widened hips. Or in lay mans terms child bearing hips. Lastly I believe there was no head but a perforated knob at the top because if this was a religious cult object they could of easily worn these items or hung them up in places showing their belief system. If you think about the reproduction process the head does
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