Greek Mythology: Venus, The Goddess Of Love

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Venus is the planet in astrology that basically everyone and their grandmother loves. Everyone wants to know about their love life, about their soulmates, all that fun stuff. In mythology, Venus was known as the goddess of love, as it was her who taught seduction to mortals. Venus was extremely beautiful, flowers growing wherever she walked. Oftentimes, the goddess was self-indulgent, and at times she could be spiteful and bitter. In astrology, the planet of Venus tells you what kind of lovers you attract, where your creativity and talents lie, and what kind of lover you are. Venus rules over beauty, love affairs, harmony, affection, and friendship. It governs our higher emotions. It is essentially our femininity, which would make the planet of Mars our masculinity. Venus’ feminine influence is indicative of how you relate to the opposite sex, if you make friends easily, and what kind of artistic leanings you may or may not possess. This is because the planet rules over your ability to love and your ability to be loved. Venus is, aside from being the planet of love, but also the planet of pleasure, and so consequently, it points to how you spend your money, how self-indulgent you are, and overall what you lust after and what you enjoy.

The glyph of Venus is the alchemy symbol for
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Harmony and diplomacy are two traits that describe Libra, and they are also two traits that are crucial to any healthy relationship. Taurus and Libra can easily be lured into the darker side of Venus, the manipulative, jealous, and over-indulgent shadow of a planet that is normally so flowery and beautiful. Both Taurus and Libra are also very artistic, which is something that Venus loves, and both of these zodiac signs are very monogamous and loyal in their romantic
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