Venus Jealousy In Ray Bradbury's All Summer In A Day

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In Ray bradbury’s All Summer in a Day that takes place on Venus jealousy can lead to worse things such as bullying. kids hurt others when they don't get their way. kids do bad things such as destroying things that aren’t theirs such as a human's hope.the kids make fun of a Margot's poem in the story because she had been on earth in Ohio. the kids lock Margot in the closet because she was remembering the sun from earth. Margot was made fun of because she had seen the sun. the Comparison between the sun and other things is awesome.
Kids hurt things when they don't get their way sometimes. the kids are really rude to Margot.the kids made fun of Margot’s poem. the kids locked Margot in a closet on a school on Venus. the sun also came out when
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