Venus Of Willendorf Essay

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Heather Owen
Professor Lori Morrow
Hum 2113
The Venus of Willendorf
For my first web search essay I chose to write about the Venus of Willendorf. The reasoning behind why I chose to write about this topic is because I feel like it is a sculpture that speaks volumes to the culture and time and what was thought of women in the Paleolithic time. I used to the website to help guide me in writing this essay. This website gives great insight and information about this famous piece of art.
The Venus of Willendorf dates between 24,000 - 22,000 B.C.E., this makes the Venus of Willendorf one of the most famous and oldest works of art that gives so much insight to how the society viewed women. For example, we should start this essay off with talking about art and its meaning. Dr. Bryan Zygmont who wrote this
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For example, I may have missed in the reading when we went over this chapter on who was the one that had discovered this artifact. According to Zygmont, an Austro-Hungarian named Josef Szombathy who was an archeaologist discovered this four-and-a-half-inch piece. It was in 1908 that the Venus of Willendorf was discovered and it was said that the artifact was found outside of an Austrian village of Willendorf. In addition, I learned that the Venus of Willendorf got that specific name after a roman goddess who had the name Venus. The name stood for love and ideal beauty. I love that the reference of ideal beauty was mentioned. I think everyone in the world has their own ideal beauty. Whether that is in the present day, the past or I’m sure even the future. Specifically, back when this figure was carried in the pocket of a person for that specific time and a woman who was fat or had a big belly was thought to be a great thing since food was so scarce and it also was associated with fertility. That was their own type of ideal
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