Venus Sandro Botticelli Essay

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Birth of Venus
The Renaissance was a period in time that sprang up in Italy directly after the Middle Ages. The term renaissance means “re-birth.” In Mediæval and Modern History, Myers defines the Renaissance as the reentrance into the world of that secular, inquiring, self-reliant spirit which characterized the life and culture of classical antiquity. Western Europeans’ started to form their own kind of literature and art which created a new culture. Many people referred to the renaissance as an intellectual movement; authors and artist started to become very famous for their creative works of art as they started to put a new modern spin on it, while intellectually improving the quality of it as well. One specific artist who was apart of this …show more content…

He was an Italian painter who created many famous paintings. He was born in 1445, Florence, Italy, and died May 17,1510, also in Florence. As a kid Botticelli was known to have been a very impatient person, however, he was highly intelligent for his age. After he was done with school his father made him apprentice a goldsmith. Botticelli was not very interested in becoming a goldsmith as his mind and heart was set on painting. His father then turned him over to Filippo Lippi, who was one of the most appreciated painters in all of Florence. Lippi taught Botticelli everything he needed to know—from learning the different styles and techniques, to forming his own styles and techniques. Botticelli took everything he knew from Lippi and started to create his own style of painting. In 1470, his artwork started to settle into a very sophisticated phase: he entered his artistic maturity (Sandro Botticelli). In Michelle O’Malley’s article, "Quality choices in the production of Renaissance art: Botticelli and demand," she says “from the 1470s to the 1490s, Botticelli’s reputation was strong and the painter was under significant pressure to turn out numerous works of art quickly:” which Botticelli clearly

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