Porter's Five Forces Of Competitive Analysis: Vera Bradley

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External Environment The Five Forces of Competitive Analysis The industry market is considering a large pool with significant of competitors competing with each other. The stronger the forces of competition, the harder it becomes for industry members to earn attractive profits. The ideal competitive environment for earning outstanding profits is when both suppliers and customers are in weak bargaining positions. Suppliers Bargaining Power Vera Bradley as a company that provides luggage and accessories industry gets raw material from many suppliers that have differentiated inputs. Suppliers in controlling position can reduce the margins of Vera Bradley, and the amount can receive in the market. Controlling suppliers use their control to obtain higher prices from the industry members, and limiting their opportunities to find better deals. As a result, the higher supplier bargaining power can cause lower the profitability of luggage and accessories industry. In…show more content…
The greater the pool of entry candidates will increase the threat of potential entry, but the barriers in the markets are high, competitors are struggling to earn good profits and create strong brand loyalty base, to guarantee constants sales average. The stronger the customer loyalty to standing brands, the harder it is for new entrants to break into marketplace, and building customer base against standing brands is a challenge. In Vera Bradley situation new entrants will choose lower pricing strategy and reducing costs, the higher the demand will result in attracting new entrants. For that the company has to manage all these challenges and build effective barriers to safeguard its competitive edge. It is important to get customers attention with establishing new products and services, to have satisfied customer needs and attract prospective
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