Vera Bradley Supply Chain Case Study

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The basis for maintaining the high quality standards of raw materials is a close collaboration with suppliers. The model uses raw material suppliers and offshore manufacturing a mixture of overseas and other in the market domestic. This includes, inter alia, the systematic selection of suppliers in terms of advice and technical competence, compliance with deadlines, punctuality and condition of the goods at the time of supply. All this leads to the manufacturing and supply chain is designed to maximize flexibility in order to meet changing market demands. We put great emphasis on continuous improvement and we have used the concepts of lean manufacturing. Our broad base, the model of manufacturing and supply chain of several countries is designed …show more content…

Partnerships between all supply chain is the key to this development work. One of the features most requested in these areas is management experience either at the time to negotiate, relate to employees or to make changes to maintain a strong supply chain. The cotton, special fabrics (including nylon and microfiber) and paper are based on Vera Bradley products. The suppliers of these materials are mainly from Asia, where we highlight two countries, China and South Korea. Vera Bradley providers have met quality standards for this company because quality is a very important factor for the company. There is a significant amount of Vera Bradley products which are manufactured entirely abroad. This is because the company does not rely on a single vendor for their products because if there is any problem in this way would be easier to fix. The size of the order is given by the following factors: demand delivery of specific products, current inventory levels and the minimum order quantity visionary. Produce abroad has become for many companies like Vera Bradley cost savings and reduced capital investment. This relocation of the company produces economic benefits without sacrificing the level of inherent quality products or services. (Bradley A. r.,

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