Verbal Aggressiveness Theory Paper

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This paper explores three articles used to determine the relationship between two communication theories. Infante, and Wigley (1986) Verbal aggressiveness theory (VA) explains a behavioral trait that makes a person attack another based on their worth. Discusses the types of messages, effects and relationships caused by VA. Infante, Riddle, Horvarth and Tumlin (1992) research explores these aspects but other articles suggest more in-depth explanations and subcategories. Studies also show the implications of VA on relationships and how the environment impacts individuals. In addition to exploring VA, this paper also explains Walther (1992) social information processing theory (SIP) that discusses the lack of nonverbal cues in on online relationships and how it is managed. It explores SIP vs. face-to- face interactions and its level of intimacy. It explains the several aspects of SIP and its affect on online interpersonal. This paper examines the correlation and differences between the two theories, the variables and how these theories help control communication. Keywords: Verbal aggressiveness theory, social information processing theory Comparing and Contrasting Communication Theories:
Verbal Aggressiveness and Social Information Processing Theory
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This aggressive behavior impacts relationship in negative ways and can have lasting affects on individuals (Infante 1992). The nature of individuals that uses VA as a form of communication is discussed in-depth in order to understand this behavioral trait. This paper examines the messages, effects and attributes of an individual that communicates using verbal aggressiveness. In addition, it touches on similarities and differences between VA and SIP in order to better understand human
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