Overcome Communication Barriers

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1. V.C.1. Identify styles and types of verbal communication
What are the two types of verbal communication? Explain each and describe what methods can be used to deliver a verbal message.
a. Oral Communication:
i. Oral communication or verbal communication is when we express our thoughts with words. This can include face-to-face discussions, telephone conversations, voicemail, television or radio advertisements and videos. This form of communication can also be affected by our tone of voice and how we enunciation the words. The use of medical language or lay language can also affect how this is accepted.
b. Written Communication:
i. Written communication is when we put our thoughts onto paper. This is often used in the healthcare field and can include
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Physical Impairment
i. A patient may have visual or hearing problems, a medical assistant needs to be aware of this and can make sure that communication is clear.

4. V.C.4. Identify techniques for overcoming communication barriers
Summarize three methods you can use to overcome barriers to communication.
a. When you are speaking to a patient, always make sure that you are using language that they will understand. If you are using medical terminology and they don’t know what you are talking about, it may cause them additional stress.
b. If you have a patient that is expressing concern or is anxious about what they have come in for, don’t trivialize it. Acknowledge what they are feeling and let them know you are listening to them.
c. When a patient has spoken to their physician and told that they need to have a procedure done, do not give your opinion on what they should do. Ask the patient if they need further information to help them make a decision.

5. V.C.5. Recognize the elements of oral communication using a sender-receiver process
Describe the linear communication model that involves the sender of the message, the receiver, and the crucial component of feedback to confirm reception of the
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