Sheldon Cooper's The Big Bang Theory

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In the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper plays a highly intellectual physicist who lack communication competence. According to McCornack and Ortiz communication competence means consistently communicating in ways that are appropriate, effective, and ethical. (page 19) Sheldon does not comprehend the appropriate communication norm for he usually says the thing he should not be saying. Also, he frequently intentionally and unintentionally hurt people feeling and says unkind words to them when he communicates with them. In the episode of the Egg Salad Equivalency, Sheldon demonstrations communication incompetency when he was called in by Mrs. Davis from the human resource department because his assistance Alex made a complaint against him, Sheldon…show more content…
(112) Sheldon rapidly changes the conversation to an irrelevant situation of his friend to take the pressure off him. He uses the deception avoidance language “ a type of deception to avoid revealing troublesome information” (McCornack and Ortiz)(page 127) and change to topic to his friend Dr. Hofstadter carnal allure, how his other friends Wolowitz misuse university resources to built a six-breasted gender robot, his other friend Koothrappali remark about Mrs. Davis referring to her as a brown sugar to avoid being “persecuted” for being called into the human resource office because of the complaint that was brought up against him. (paaaaammmmmiiiiieeeee). Though out the entire movie clip Sheldon conveys a lot of information using nonverbal communication. According to McCornack and Ortiz, nonverbal communication is the transmission of meaning through an individual no spoken physical and behavioral cues (Patterson, 1983, 1998) (page 134). His facial expression constantly changes during his nonverbal communication from straight face to vacant, to wary, to wide eye, and to peeved. His tone of voice also changes from a high pitch to irrelevant, to snarky, to unapologetic and to matter of fact. Sheldon during the conflict demonstrated preserved himself as correct and all
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