Verbal Fluency Test And Emotional Intelligence

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Participants A total of 30 healthy female undergraduate students in the age range 20 to 26 years, from International Islamic University Malaysia were recruited in this experiment. The mean age of participants were (M= 22.33, SD= 1.12). The sampling method used was purposive sampling. All participants were selected based on their handedness (right-handed) and score moderate and high in verbal fluency test. The students were asked to answer two test (Verbal Fluency Test and Emotional Intelligence Test) before they participated in the experiment in order to avoid the confounding variable such as language proficiency and emotional intelligence. The participants were equally divided into two groups which are control group (without listen to instrumental music) and experimental group…show more content…
Researcher got the informed consent form the participant for the approval of their willingness to participate in this study at an initial meeting. Each consent form contained on an assigned identification number and brief information about the experiment. Participants were requested to fill in the demographic information about age, gender and year of study. The participants were divided into two groups which are control and experimental group. The experimenter firstly asked the participant to sit on the chair without do anything else. The experimenter then run the Verbal fluency test to the participants. Every participant was going through Verbal Fluency Test before they participated in this experiment. First, the participants were asked to sit on a chair and the researcher gave instruction of the test. Each participant was given five set of letter (A, B, C, D, and E) and they need to say at least five words for 60 seconds that began with each letter. If the participant gets the score half from 25, she can proceed to Emotional intelligence (EQ) test, but if she failed, she cannot continue to participate in this

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