Verbal, Nonverbal Communication And Listening Skills In Human Services

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We have Verbal, Nonverbal, listening and responding and asking questions as listening skills listed in chapter 7 of our text books. I feel two would be best when dealing with a resistant client. I feel listening and responding as well as asking questions are the most effective ways to deal with a client who just does not want to be in front of you, or does not agree with having to be in front of you. I feel listening and responding is effective because if the client is quiet, extremely demanding or totally unmotivated we need to listen to them and allow them to express themselves in any way they feel they need to for us to understand their point of view. I can see next follow with questions being very effective. This is a great way to see if we can pin point something to get them more on board with getting goals set and met.…show more content…
As a human service professional this is something we always need to be aware of. We need to watch the words we say, so we do not offend anyone. We need to watch how we carry ourselves so we do not appear bored of the client of restless as if we want to rush them. We need to be always aware of how we act and react to every situation that we face on a every client bases. We always need to remember rather we agree with the clients choices they are in front of us to become better. This should be more than enough for us to all to always remain professional and respectful of our
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