Verbal Persuasion Analysis

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Verbal persuasion should be enforced respectfully within Law Enforcement

Under the title of conflict, it explained that we should use language to seek resolution. With this in mind, people should be respected no matter what they think or believe, they should not be categorized as something they aren’t. Most of all It 's ok to use visual and verbal persuasion to prevent, or minimize the use of force in violent situations.

For instance Donna Hicks explained that humans need dignity, “it’s important to encourage people to act on their own behalf so that they feel in control of their lives and experience of hope and possibility” (Donna Hicks 533). Notably control and domination are the goals of wars. She conversed with an
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Most of us are on the same page about freedom, security, equality, and even the environment. No one dislikes those things. We think of [values] as a kind of rules that can never be violated, sacred rules that must be protected”(Emily Badger 539). Yet t he problem is that later on these things can go into conflict, and that happens all the time. The tactics shouldn’t be used t o discriminate anybody. With this in mind, the readings of Adventures of the Dork Police by Michael Gardner, he provided that as a retired police officer he use to use verbal persuasion tactics rather than physical force in conflict resolution. Using these tactics can lead to a positive or negative outcome but, then again using these tactics should be first. In the police force, the other officers disliked visiting domestic calls because they are very dangerous. As an experiment his partner and himself went to go take care of those issues. “Traditionally, police officers are limited to only four choices for controlling situations- visual and verbal persuasion, chemical irritant, impact weapon, and deadly force”( Michael Gardner…show more content…
He used tactics such as tapping normally a door rather than banging it, one to calm himself down and two, not to irritate the person he’s visiting more. He would ask the people he would go visit if they’ve decided on a solution for the issue once they got there. The officers would wear their hats so that when they came they can purposely take them off as a sign of respect. That’s how they received the name dork police. To give an illustration, Michael explained that if the people were shouting at each other and not listening, the officers would run to the couch, and change the channel of the tv and watch it. The officers used humor to try to resolve the uncomfortable
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