Verizon Case Analysis Essay

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Audrique Jacobs Case Analysis # 2 "Verizon Is Creating a Culture that Focuses on Shareholder Value" October 16, 15 Using the competing values framework as a reference for, it would seem that Verizon’s current organizational culture is a market culture. They said their top three things to do in 2011 were to first build a business and workforce as good as its networks, to lead in shareholder value creation, and to be recognized as an iconic technology company. In order for this to happen they will have to make all their goals on having the best smart phones, which will bring them to the top and get recognized as an iconic technology company they will like to be. Their wish is to work hard and their employees are to deliver results. One reason for concluding this would be the fact is that Verizon has invested the time and the resources to educate the workforce.…show more content…
Organizational culture is an invisible bond that holds the company’s workforce and shows them the direction. Some of the ways Verizon to create organization culture is the hiring process. Verizon is attracting top talents from their affiliated colleges and universities. They also involve all the leaders in decision-making and improve their communications skill. In addition, by implementing organizational systems and ways they are also effecting a change in the corporate culture. As previously discussed, by making senior leaders give Individual Action Plans it has established a system by which it has put in place a procedure it can meet its organization goal of increasing shareholder value and establishes a performance criteria by which it can hold the senior leaders
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