Customer Service Case Study: Verizon Wireless, Telecommunications Company

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Verizon Customer Service Phone Numbers
Verizon Wireless, Telecommunications Company, that is based in the United States, with its headquarters in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. The company offers communication services to a large percentage of the American Population. Verizon FiOS, on the other hand is an internet service provider that provides bundled internet services and has an outreach of more than 5 million clients and customers in the United States.
It has its headquarters in New York City, New York. The two companies have customer service departments to help any customer who may be facing difficulties in accessing the services or may have a complaint about the quality of service they receive. You can also use the number to give feedback
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The same number can be used by customers who are moving and will, therefore change their address. New customers who wish to order for Verizon FiOS should also call this number for assistance.
Customer Service Number for Verizon FiOS
Verizon FiOS customers seeking to reach the customer care team can call 1-888-438-3467. Through this number, you can talk to a customer care representative; however, take note that the call center working hours are 8 a.m to 9 p.m EST. When you call, you may have to wait for 15 minutes on average before you get through. Keep saying the word “Operator” as you wait to get through. Please keep saying this and patiently wait for a response. Do not assume that your call will not go through, until after you have waited for at least 15 minutes.
Customer Service Number for Internet and TV Service Customers
Verizon FiOS customers who need assistance with the services offered for TV and the internet have a dedicated number so as to ensure prompt assistance. If you seek assistance for these services, call 1-888-338-9333. On average you will wait for 15 minutes before your call goes through. Please wait for this time to elapse before you hang up so as to try calling
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Customers who are having issues with account verification or if they wish to verify their account as well as account information, they can quickly get assisted by calling the alternative number on 1-877-462-5825. Verizon further offers customer service on twitter. The customer service team has a twitter account, therefore, a customer can tweet them stating the issue they have and they will be assisted. Their twitter handle is @VerizonSupport, tweet them or send them direct messages if you need assistance.
Remember, these are just alternative numbers which you can use in –case you are having trouble contacting Verizon customer service team using the other numbers given.
Mobile phone Shortcuts for Account Information
Verizon Mobile users have access to their account information which they can get on request using the various mobile phone shortcuts available. The shortcuts make it easy and fast to get information or access certain services such as payment services and each shortcut is for specific information and one can use them to query their account information anytime. A customer can choose to either call or text the shortcuts and they will get the reply sent to their phones with the information

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