Verizon: Marketing And Social Responsibility Strategy

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Marketing and social responsibility By karim zidan : IAU Introduction Corporate responsibility policies have been gaining increasing attention from senior executives as questions of sustainability have come to imbue business all over the world. Nowadays corporations are struggling with a new role, which is to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of the next generations to meet their own needs. organizations are being called upon to take responsibility for the ways their operations impact societies and the natural environment. They are also being asked to apply sustainability principles to the ways in which they conduct their business. Sustainability refers to an organization’s…show more content…
Recyclable packaging, promotions that increase social awareness and subsidising or portion of profits that benefits charitable orgaizations or non for profite ones are examples of social responsibility strategies. And to learn more about ways and how we can implement social responsibility strategy we will take Verizon as a case study. VERIZON’S COMMITMENT TO SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Verizon is committed to making the world a better place. To manage and implement its social responsibility mission, the company established the Verizon Foundation. Led by Patrick R. Gaston, the foundation concentrates its efforts in two areas: literacy & education and safety & health. Verizon responded decisively after an earthquake devastated Haiti. Besides enabling employees and customers to make mobile text donations to the Red Cross, the company donated $50,000 each to World Vision and Food for the Poor to aid in relief efforts. In addition, to help those affected by the quake, Verizon waived all long-distance usage charges for calls from residential landlines and Verizon wireless phones to Haiti for several weeks following the quake. Calls were billed at zero cents per minute and, for customers whose calling plan includes monthly minutes, calls to Haiti did not accrue to their…show more content…
Marketing organizations communicate these values by developing campaigns and programs designed to influence behavior that improves both the consumer's personal welfare and that of society. From providing free leaflets offering "green" tips, to advice on how to safely dispose of electronics, social marketing is fast becoming a competitive advantage in global business. [4] -The question on everyone’s mind is this – is it worth being socially responsible, then? My opinion is that yes, it is absolutely worth it, largely because business ethics are a given in today’s society. Those corporations that simply chase the bottom line of profits are frowned upon, and those that flout the unspoken code of conduct for businesses are immediately flagged by society. In the same way, acts of giving back to society by businesses are held in high regard by the media. This is why organizations such as charity:water and Toms are immensely popular with the
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