Verizon Mission Statement Analysis

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Verizon, in my opinion, is leading in the world of cable and internet. While searching for an apartment to rent, I could not help but pay extra attention to the apartment communities offering Verizon FiOS. Those who has ever experienced Verizon FiOS understand why this feature is so important. Not only does Verizon offer amazing internet, phone and cable, it also provides great cellular service, which is why I chose this company as my selected company. Verizon’s mission statement is known as the Verizon Credo. The Verizon Credo is a set of principles that describes their culture of integrity, respect, performance excellence and accountability ("Our Culture"). The Credo is a blueprint that directs Verizon to live up to the highest standards possible when serving their customers, shareowners, communities and each other ("Our Culture"). Verizon prides themselves on high-quality service. They list in their Credo that superior customer service is a number one priority to provide services that are of quality and is reliable. Verizon states that they make it easy for customers to do business with them, by listening, anticipating and responding to their needs ("Our Culture"). Verizon’s mission is to grow as a company and keep their…show more content…
Verizon’s purpose is to provide high quality services to their customers and to be a household brand in the homes of families. This is also one of the goals Verizon has a company. Verizon is pleased to share their Code of Conduct, which lets their customers and business partners know that integrity and respect serve as the overarching principles for how Verizon conducts its business ("Code of Conduct"). Verizon’s goal is to be the most respected brand in communications by making and keeping promises to their customers, the community, shareholders and their employees ("Code of
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