Verizon Strengths And Weaknesses

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There are various wireless phone companies around the world. Mobile carriers allow people to communicate with their friends and families nation and world wide. The two most very competitive wireless companies would include T mobile and Verizon. These two corporations are well known, and are the most preferred phones companies by a lot of people. Both of these businesses are national service providers of messaging, data services, and wireless voice capable to operate for millions of Americans where they play, work and live. These companies provide 4G LTE services nationwide; although, they are looking to lead the wireless technology with 5G network. These companies provide services to a lot of customers. Although, that these companies are successful, these corporations also have their strengths and weaknesses. T-mobile is a innovating company, which is…show more content…
Verizon provides services that T mobile does not. Other the wireless mobile service, Verizon also provides their customers with the home service. This is known as Verizon fios, which is a very reliable service that provides Verizon customers to have access to high-speed internet connection, home phones and cable tv. In addition, the company’s strength is that it is one of the largest wireless carrier in the US. Furthermore, it is Verizon’s strength, to have a unique business model, with expectational Verizon fios data connection allowing for their company 's success. The company’s margins are quality due to their service, Verizon fios. However, the company also has weaknesses. One of the weaknesses include premium prices, because other companies, such as T mobile and AT&T, are very quick to catch up on services. Another weakness is that Verizon is still promoting their wireless usage outside of the United States. These companies both have strengths and weaknesses, but they are very competitive and looking to improve their
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