Verizon Ticket Collection Case Study

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What data are you proposing to collect? Here, you should simply provide a thorough description of the data you intend to collect such as current attendance records, etc. Also, justify how the collection of such data can help you capitalize on the organizational opportunity. The data that I am proposing to be collected would be the data regarding the number of payment investigation tickets that Verizon receives on a monthly basis. By collecting this data we will be able to see how many missing payments customers reach out to about per month. This data will also allow us to break down the data by line of business so we can separate business customers from standalone customers. The data will also provide insight into which offices are opening the tickets on behalf of customers. Another key piece of information that we be able to get from this data is the length of time that it takes a back office representative to complete a ticket once they actually begin working on a ticket. This time period is called the life cycle of a ticket. This is important because Verizon has a standard that they set in which they would like to resolve customers issues. The life cycle of a ticket will provide the information to allow us to know if…show more content…
We will be able to compare tickets opened from an office in Franklin, TN to tickets open in an office in the Dominican Republic. Which means we will be able to compare the life cycle of tickets opened in both places to determine if ticket resolution takes longer to complete depending on which office it comes from. Collecting data to show these specific differences could help provide the necessary data needed for business requirements to aid the company in making a decision to shift workloads inside of the
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