Ethical Philosophies Of Verizon

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Three moral philosophies that impact Verizon’s ethical business decision making are teleology, utilitarianism, and egoism. Teleology is important because when making decisions, it is imperative that you think about the repercussions that may happen. It is even more important when making decisions for a large company like this. You will have to consider how this will affect the stakeholders as well. The consequences of unethical actions will affect their employees and their families. If there is a financial punishment from the poor decision, it could affect their rate of pay or further compensation. Also, the employee’s perception of Verizon as an ethical company could change which could lower morale. Verizon should understand that customers…show more content…
With this philosophy, Verizon will have to consider what groups of stakeholders would benefit the most from their decision. The stakeholders this would prioritize are their customers, employees, and the community. An example of a decision that would be made for their customers would be lower pricing on their phones and accessories. A decision that would benefit their employees would be to increase their pay and benefits. Also, they can increase their incentive packages (i.e. tuition reimbursement). An example of a decision that can be made for the community would be to do an employee matching program. Verizon could agree to match any donations that their employees make to non-profit organizations. Egoism impacts Verizon’s ethical business decision making because there could be those decision makers that make their decision based solely on how it will benefit themselves. This could be a severe problem for a company because someone’s greed could affect all the stakeholders of Verizon. Unfortunately, there are may self-centered individuals who only care about themselves and how much they can benefit from a decision, regardless of how it will affect others. Some examples of this could be someone who takes part in insider trading and someone who take part in collusion where they solely receive financial…show more content…
If I was reprimanded previously, I wouldn’t want to upset those in control who could punish me. Therefore, I would act as those who are in charge thinks is “right”. On my second time on the committee, I would focus on, what is in it for me? I wouldn’t be concerned with how my decisions would affect others, but I would like how I could better my situation. The “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” type of mind set would be used here. My attitude for my third time on the committee has changed to be concerned about maintaining good relationships with others. I would focus on being “good”, which would benefit myself because I would be looked on more highly by others. I would use the “golden rule”, which is to treat others as you would like them to treat you. On my fourth time on the committee, I would have a mindset that it is important to obey laws to maintain a functioning society because if I choose to disobey laws and rules, then maybe everyone would. So, when someone violates a law, it is wrong. On my fifth time on the committee, I have adopted a utilitarian philosophy because I look at the decision that benefits the most amount of people and if there are those who don’t follow that philosophy, they need to change that. Also, I would realize that people have different opinions and values and those need to be respected. On my sixth time on the
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