Vernissage Short Story

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Development revolves around a lot of things. When you develop, you begin noticing and seeing things you hadn’t even thought of before. You begin thinking differently about yourself. Often these ideas crease around image; how you look, if you don’t look childish, if you look good, if you look bad. But when you begin noticing problems or arguments between your parents, and start to understand that they might only be together because of you, THAT’s when you’re truly developing. Maybe, when you notice this, you would rather have stayed a child. Because in a child’s world, only good things exist, and developing isn’t one of those things. The short story “Vernissage” by Claire Anderson-Wheeler shows some of the difficulties you have to face when you develop from child to adult. Through an analysis and interpretation of this short story, this essay will try to shed some light on growing up and which consequences it may have. Alex is a little boy, who seems to have some issues with his father. He doesn’t feel well, when his dad comes home from work. This is clear in the following quote from the text: “Alex heard the front door and his father’s step in the hall. It must be six o’clock already. He hoped his father would not come looking for him – but that would be unusual.” The words “hoped”, “would not come looking” and “unusual” tells us that something is wrong. It’s obvious that Alex’s father looks for him every day, but why does Alex hope that he won’t do it today? This seems
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