Verona's Secret Sweethearts Found Dead

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Verona’s Secret Sweethearts Found Dead in the Capulet Tomb A Wedding, A Brawl, 6 Found Dead News of the deaths arrived to the Prince’s mansion as he was sleeping, the light bouncing off of the marble palace gave and eerie glow to the Prince’s enraged face. The Prince, irate and confused, asked, “What misadventure is so early up, that calls our person from our morning rest.” He had no idea that the children of Verona’s most fortunate were dead with no explanation. At 2:00 AM, three watchmen arrived in the Capulet vault to find Juliet Capulet, Romeo Montague, and Paris Armado dead. The Page had seen an earlier brawl between two of the dead, and smartly ran to find the captain of the watch. Juliet Capulet was the loving daughter of Lord Capulet, and was also the first to be found dead. Next to her was Romeo Montague, a dashing young man from Verona. A dagger was found punctured into Juliet’s heart. Romeo was found with a small vial in his left hand. On the other side of the vault, Paris Armado was found with a stab wound in the lower stomach. Barnadine, one of the…show more content…
Multiple sources also confirmed that Romeo was in hysterics by the time he arrived at the tomb. In suspense, Balthazar reveals that he has a letter that Romeo gave to him for his father, Lord Montague. The letter shows that Romeo had bought poison from the Mantua Apothecary. Friar Lawrence said that Juliet’s sleeping potion would have worn off right as Romeo drank the poison, which is why Juliet would be dead too. After this horrible instance, the fighting between Capulet and Montague ended. The life in Verona Italy was calm and peaceful. Hate caused a lot of problems in this book, but it didn’t solve any of
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