Veronica Berry Character Analysis

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Ronica Berry is a single mother who has one son and one daughter. She is always known as Sis. Berry. Her son named is Garrett, and her daughter named is Gabby. She is known to be my Sunday School teacher and is over the youth group that I'm participating in. She has always been a nice woman.
How has Sis. Berry had to overcome some obstacles in her life? Sis. Berry has always been a mother raising two of her children. It was hard for her to work to get what her children need and raise them at the same times, but she has gotten to a point where she did not have to work that hard. Sis. Berry was in her mid-age while her children were young; she was very sick and has been transported to a hospital in Pensacola. There was a time when her children
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Berry has an unusual personality. She has a variety of personality. She is very creative. She has a unique mind where she can come up with new ideas. She also remains gregarious. She will talk to anybody that come her way; she do not care if you are a stranger. She will continue to be dependable. If people ask or tell Sis. Berry something to do in the future, she will not turn them down.
How Sis. Berry has made sacrifices that have helped or influenced others? She pushed people to get to where they need to be. She wants my cousin to become a better secretary, so she pushed my cousin until she couldn’t push my cousin anymore. She never says “I can’t” because she thinks it is a bad habit. A friend of mine came to youth group meeting, and Sis. Berry ask my friend, “Can you do this?” Sis. Berry told her, “How do you know if you can’t if you never try?”
Why I think people should know Sis. Berry? Sis. Berry has some struggle in life, a great personality, and influenced others in so many ways. Sis. Berry is an intelligent woman who is a hard-working person. She is a friendly person, and she will not let everyone down if he or she needs her. Either she helped others or everybody looked up to her. People also should know Sis. Berry because she will not look down on
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