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The vertical distribution from 1m above the ground and 20-22m above ground for the canopy of the fruit-feeding butterflies will be studying at Borneo Height, Sarawak by using baited trap. A single rope technique will be using during the sampling day. Furthermore, study of vertical distribution of fruit-feeding butterflies in the complex tropical rainforest is important to understanding butterfly diversity and thus, determining butterflies responses towards forest disturbance.
Keywords: Vertical distribution, canopy, fruit-feeding butterflies, baited trap.

Lowland tropical forests are widespread wilderness region with unknown life forms. However, due to human activities the habitat fragments become degraded. As stated by Bowles et, al. (1998), because of tropical rainforest are being damaged faster, the organisms
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As a result, 665 numbers of individuals were caught (84 from canopy and 581 from understory) and these representing 49 species of family Nymphalidae. From that result, 5 unique to the canopy, 20 unique to the understory, and 24 shared species.
Other than that, a study by Mandi et al (2011) was conducted at Gunung Gading National Park Lundu, Sarawak with two different elevations which are upper and lower. This study took around four days of the sampling period in order to observe the distribution of the butterflies. In addition, the researchers want to identify the dominant and rare species of the butterflies. The methods used were aerial net and baited trap.
According to Asmaa (2013), a total of 279 individuals from 33 species and four subfamilies were counted. This study is about the vertical stratification of fruit-feeding butterflies (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) in a secondary forest UNIMAS, Kota Samarahan by using 10 baited

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