Vertical Farming In Africa

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1. Introduction

1.1. Research Question

How can the process of farming be improved to assist in solving the problem of food insecurity in Africa?

1.2. Hypothesis

Vertical farming is a more effective method of farming as it reduces farming time and increases yield. Vertical farming can be used as an alternative to traditional farming methods in the urban cities of Africa to solve the problem of food insecurity.

1.3. Aim

The aim of the research is to consider a global crisis of food insecurity and proposing vertical farming as a simple yet effective solution. The research will analyse the advantages and disadvantages of vertical farming in cities and then conclude on the practicality of the solution. Ultimately, the end result should motivate
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• The survey will also analyse the ethical issues regarding the idea.
1.4.3. Discussion:
• To compare the growth rate, quality of food, quantity of food and environmental damage done by crops grown by traditional farming verses vertical farming through a practical experiment.

1.5. Context

The research will assist in analysing the impact and the underlying facts about vertical farming, thus verifying the hypothesis. Through the research I should be able to conclude if vertical farming should be implemented in the urban cities of Africa to potentially solve the issue of food insecurity in Africa. The research also provides direct conclusions to any disadvantages of the idea and possible solutions to help improve the methodology.

The research also involves practical research to support the finial conclusion. The practical work will help determine if vertical farming is in fact a more effective method of producing more yield in concentrated farming time. 2. Literature Review
2.1. Food
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Similar to how the concept of providing houses went from landscape plots to vertical buildings, the process of farming can also be optimised similarly to cater for maximum people. This can also assist in declining a major contributor to climate change, deforestation. The process of farming can be done in urban area. Old, abandoned buildings can be used as a farming factory. If urban cities started having their own farms in the locality, transportation of foods from far locations would have a major decrease. Transportation of produces is a major cost to a country and is also not environmentally- friendly. The fossil fuel consumption in transportation with in a country and internationally is at an alarming high level. This pollutes the environment leaving large carbon footprints. Pollution is directly proportional to increase in population, hence with time this process will get even more damaging to the environment. (Martinko

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