Vertical Integration In Sports

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Chapter 17:

What was vertical integration?

Answer: Vertical integration is when a company has access to all of the factors of production. Companies with vertical integration often have more control over their business and are more independent. However, they usually end up leaving other companies without any business.

What was horizontal Integration?

Answer: Horizontal integration is more dependant on various companies to get the job done. When a product is made, many companies do their part and work together to create a project. This way, each of the companies are dependant on each other and will thrive together because they are each making profit.

What was mass production?

Answer: Mass production is when a company is able to output
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During Reconstruction, Americans had access to free, public, segregated schools. However, a sentiment of white supremacy throughout the United States caused for less funding in the African American schools. As a result, they received far less education than their counterparts.

What role did sports play in the redefinition of masculine identities?

Answer: Sports provided a sense of aggressiveness among males. Before, if males were not aggressive or forceful, they were considered feminine, and that was degrading for them. Sports provided males a reassurance that they were being masculine because competitiveness in the sports usually leads to aggressiveness.

How did sports reflect the racial and economic divisions of the era? What was the temperance?

Answer: Even after the civil war whites were hesitant in integrating other races into sports and other such practices for fear of tainting the anglo saxon way. This was not the only problem as African Americans and other races did not have the funds which was thought to go hand in hand with moral worth to be on high strung teams leaving them to create their own or find a different profession. However this helped in controlling social stress like no other pastime which is why it was tolerated by most
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Instead of relying on the media, they were journalists who tried to find anything they could reveal to the public in order to create a negative image for the politician or business. They are considered dangerous because their revelations can often be the downfall of many people.

What economic and technological factors shaped the development of cities and urban life after 1860?

Answer: The economic factors that shaped the development of cities and urban life after 1860 is the development of cities. There was also a need for more jobs since immigrants were fleeing to the U.S. for a better life. The technological factors that shaped the development of cities and urban life after 1860 were the parts of cities that were dedicated to industrialization and warehouses that provided more jobs for immigrants.

How were the new cities different from the typical city before 1860?

Answer: There was a lot of hustle and bustle in the old cities. Not to say that it’s not the case in new cities, but back then there were areas in which immigrants suffered in poverty and lived in tenements even though they worked long hours. The new cities are much more sanitary than the ones back
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