Vertical Violence In Nursing

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There are different types of violence that an individual may encounter at some point in their lives due to conflicting values, experiences and knowledge. In a clinical health care setting, newly registered nurses may encounter horizontal violence, while nursing students may experience vertical violence. The term horizontal is used to illustrate violence between two individuals who are either of the same or unequal status, while the term vertical is used specifically to nursing students (Thomas & Burk, 2009). In my opinion, many nursing students, such as myself, we are unaware of these terms because they are not frequently addressed. However, it is certain that it happened, and it will continue to occur if there is no appropriate action is taken to prevent this violence. Everyone deserves to be treated equally with respect regardless of what their status or level in the society.
Vertical Violence Experience
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According to Becher & Visovsky (2012), “The actual incidence and prevalence of horizontal violence in nursing are relatively unknown, as HV often is unrecognized and underreported” (p. 211). In my case, I did not report it because I felt that it will not make a difference, and I did not want to have any conflict with my nurse before the semester ends. However, if I reported the incident, it could have help other nursing students to avoid experiencing the same situation. Walrafen, Brewer, & Mulvenon (2012) suggest, “With increased awareness and sensitivity, nurses may be better able to monitor themselves, as well as assist their peers to recognize when they are participating in negative behaviors that have the potential to escalate into violence towards co-workers” (p. 11). It is important to report the incident so that other nurses can become aware as well. Nurses should also care about the people that they work with, there is no competition whether who has the most knowledge or
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