Vets Interview Essay

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I interviewed holly who is a small animal veterinarian that works in Mankato, Minnesota. The clinic is a medium sized with two full time vets and two, soon to be 3, part time vets. Most of the vets have lots of field experience in a clinic with them graduating from 2010 to 1997. Holly is the most recently added Veterinarian and has been working there for two and a half years. Her schooling first started with an AA degree at a community college and then went to a 4 year with another four years in vet school. She furthers her education every year through classes and training sessions. These hours are required by the state of Minnesota. She does like her job, but if you want to have money and a flexible schedule that you can make it would…show more content…
One the important things that I learned was how much continuing education has t be done each year which shows the quality of experience we want our vets to have. With that I also learned how much the schooling cost and the annual wage of a vet and how that transfers covering to paying for you longer terms bills. It taught me to look not only what you want to do for a job, but also you want to do outside of it and the job allows for time to do the other things in life such as children, family time, and vacations. You need to look at all aspects of your life and truly make sure that is what you want to do for the longer because becoming a vet requires a lot of investment in time, education, and money. The interview allow me to see into the life and process of one person with lots of experience and knowledge. Therefore, I should look to other too in the fields that I would want to go into and get firsthand knowledge from them. People around me have a lot of knowledge to pass on if I simply ask and man of them are willing and want to help younger students learn. Overall the experience was very eye opening and I plan to do more in the
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