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Honestly, I have never planned on going to college in my life. When I get out of school I have a business waiting on me. My father’s occupation is a cowboy, he works cows in all four states (Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma) and even out of the four states sometimes. I’ve been working cows with my dad since I was 4 years old. It is an occupation I am very educated in. I’ve always planned when I get out of school I am going to take over his business and never look back at college, but now I plan on attending Tarleton State and pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Vet Technology and being on the rodeo team. My interest in Vet Technology came about when I was just a little girl; I never planned on pursuing the interest though.
I will have to take I will have to take many classes to pursue my career in Vet Technology, classes from Advance Veterinary Terminology to Equine Learning and Behavior (Tarleton State). I will have to go to college for 2 plus years or 120 creditable hours to be rewarded my degree (Veterinarian Careers/ Vet Tech Careers). Since I am an out of state student my education will cost a little over $12,000 not counting food expenses and housing (Tarleton State). I plan on getting a job while I am away at college and attending rodeos to help pay for my college, along with the scholarships I hope to
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A few years later done the road I plan on opening my own business working and caring for bovine and equine. I also plan on having my own stock contract business; Peanut Productions. I will raise bucking broncs and be able to properly care for them. I will continue my rodeo career and raise barrel horses as long as my bank account and health will allow it. I don’t not plan making advancements in my career as of the time being, that can change the father I get into my

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