Veteran Recruitment Consultant

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Jacqueline Craig a 5 year veteran Recruitment Consultant has been employed with Community Health Network for approximately 2 years. As a Recruitment Consultant, Miss Craig’s primary responsibilities consist of attracting, selecting, and hiring individuals for Revenue Cycle positions which includes billing, financial counselor, patient access services, and various hospital support positions, all which fall in the range of hourly and salary positions. As with many organizations, the hiring process can be short or it can be very extensive depending on the nature of the position. Miss Craig, outlined the process she currently utilizes to recruit prospective employees as written below: • The hiring process is initiated with an available job opening. • A requisition is submitted for the approval of the available position. • HR…show more content…
• The hiring manager reviews the candidate’s credentials and decides if he or she would like to proceed with scheduling an interview with the prospective employee. • If the manager decides to move forward with the interview, Miss Craig proceeds with completing reference checks, conducting testing, and performing background checks. • Subsequently, the manager and his or her team conducts the interview. The interviewing team utilizes a point system to determine if the interviewee will proceed to a second round interview. (second round interviews are conducted with the peer interviewing team). • The peer interview team utilizes a similar point system during the peer interviewing process. Upon completion of the peer interview, the individual score sheets are submitted to the recruiter/HR staff for review. • The recruiter /HR staff reviews the results and follows up with the hiring manager providing feedback and to collaborate on the final decision. • Successful applicants are contacted about a job offer by the human resource
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