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The inevitability of an eventual death is the only thing that we share, that ties all all humans together. When analyzing the characteristics of a cemetery, one must take into consideration how cultural meaning and social constructs affect the landscape, because there is significance in the details. Cultural meaning and social constructs are displayed at both the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery (Pierce Brothers) cemetery and the Los Angeles National Veteran’s Cemetery (Veteran) through regulation of space, geometry, military landscape versus celebrity landscape, and absence. Even after death, Americans’ deepest values are depicted through the manner in which they are buried in these cemeteries.
The Veteran cemetery sits on a whopping
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The unwavering uniformity and lack of customization of the Veterans’ cemetery (Picture 3) is a reflection of military culture because all soldiers have similar uniforms, and are considered equal. There is a sense of heroism and gratitude that does not resignate at the Pierce Brothers’ cemetery where celebrity culture is glorified. Several famous people are buried there, and one can effortlessly distinguish celebrity from civilian. The celebrity culture is reflected is illustrated through how the space is divided and the size and decorations of the grave sites. This is clearly exhibited at Marilyn Monroe’s grave site: people bring flowers and make shrines, as well as cards and posters, all year long. The displays at Monroe’s grave site blatantly undermines the significance of the surrounding grave sites, some of which are covered by flower stands (picture 4). Fame is celebrated, which heavily influences the landscape by creating a disproportionate focus on celebrity grave sites. Most patrons of the cemetery do not even know anyone who is buried there and are visiting as tourists to see the grave sites of people who have acquired fame. Furthermore, an abundance of money gives you choice: you’re able to chose how private your grave site is, and even how it is decorated. The differences in the military…show more content…
There were many things that the Pierce Brothers’ cemetery had that we absent at the Veterans’ cemetery. For example, there were no flowers at the veterans’ cemetery. My guess is that most of the graves there are so dated that the family of the deceased have passed on as well. Another thing that there was a lack of at the veterans’ cemetery is individuality. Like I previously stated, this is to represent discipline and solidarity. At the veterans’ cemetery, there is also a lack in distinction between genders. This can either be, again, to show uniformity within the military, or because of a social construct that conveys female inferiority. At the Pierce Brothers’ cemetery, the number of bodies seemed miniscule in comparison to the veterans’ cemetery. This dissimilarity reflects American society because although there are more civilians in comparison to soldiers, more people die at once, or in the same time frame, in war than in everyday life. There were also no American flags at the Pierce Brothers’ cemetery. This also reflects American society because you do not have to be American to have money and afford to be buried amongst the

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