Veterans Core Competencies

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The Department of Veterans Affairs currently have three dominate strategies that are crucial to the success of the department. Empowering veterans, Enhancing trusted relationships, and improving operations are all essential part of the VA’s strategic goals. The current strategy builds on the organizations core competencies improving efficiency and overall health of the VA. As a federal agency, the Department of Veterans Affairs does not have competitors that compete to provide the same benefits and services to veterans. However, the health care aspect of care can pose a problem. Veterans rely on the VA health care services to provide the absolute best in care while utilizing innovative technology. The strategic goal of improving care and…show more content…
As a successful federal agency, the VA’s core competencies are at the center of the organization’s framework and are vital to the continued success of the organization. The VA’s core competencies includes the basic skills, knowledge, and various characteristics employees are required to know in order to effectively perform their duties. One of the core competencies the VA uses is specific behavioral and performance standards that each employee is required to follow. The VA is also required to provide training and development options to all employees. The VA’s competencies provide clear career progression paths for employees and they help employees better meet the needs of military veterans and their…show more content…
The VA currently employs more than 377,805 employees and provides care at over 1,233 facilities. In 2013, the VA had 341,000 people in its employ. Since then, the organization has grown at a steady pace to accommodate the surge in new veterans requiring care. As of October 2017, the VA has over 18.8 million veterans seeking care and benefits, which is expected to grow adding more than nine million veterans per year (CNN, 2017). While considered a large organization based on its size, the VA there is a huge backlog of compensation claims. Researchers agree that the VA is equipped and fully capable of managing the duties assigned to the organization. However, challenges in leadership and other issues within the department have made managing the new compensation claims difficult. The VA is more than capable of handling and accomplishing the organization’s MVGOs, however it is likely that the organization will continue to expand, which will improve their ability to accomplish its strategic

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