Veterans Favorite Childhood Memories

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I am going to make a book about the veterans of Columbia Falls favorite childhood memories.The reason why I decided to do this project is because I wanted to honour the veterans for all the sacrifices they made for America.Another reason is I love listening to stories from the past so I decided I wanted to do something that the community and I can enjoy for years to come. Final Product The final product is going to be four books titled Columbia Falls Veterans Favorite Childhood Memories published from the publishing website Blurb. On every page is going to feature a veteran with their childhood memories,their name, their age, when they were born, and the names of the people they shared that memorie. One copy for each of the following
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From there I will ask their age, when they were born, and if I could take a picture of them for the book. The book will be named Columbia Falls Veterans Favorite Childhood Memories, in the book the veterans picture, name, date of birth,their age,people they shared the chosen memories with, and three of their favorite childhood memories.They will each have their own page in the book.I am going to use an online publishing company called Blurb and publish on…show more content…
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The real world audience is my community Columbia Falls . The product will be revealed when the books get sent in somewhere around( February 26 ) .The final product will be revealed to the audience by giving one copy to the Columbia Falls Public Library, one copy to my school library, one copy to Senora Koch and and one copy for my personal

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