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Serving in the military is a family tradition. I am grateful for all the opportunities that this country gives to its citizens and I felt like joining the military was a great way to give back to it. I took an oath of justice in defense of the liberties; to preserve peace and to calm the winds of war (Scott, 1). Being a veteran is now something that is part of me and describes myself. Since I joined the military straight out of high school, I decided to go back into school and pursue a career in business marketing. As a twenty-two-year-old veteran on a pursue for a college degree, it has been hard adapting to this environment. (Question 1) On a typical day for me, I wake-up, go to class, study, do homework, workout, shower, and finally go…show more content…
I struggle concentrating in class every day, especially in a immense classroom setting (Question 4). With my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), little things like banging on the desk or the noise from the door can trigger me easily (Hammond, 7). I am constantly looking out for people that stand out in a crowd, all while still trying to listen and ask questions to the professor. It is something I can’t avoid. Looking out for others is now a part of me. I also have a hard time with people not being disciplined. It frustrates me to see people texting or having side conversations while the professor is talking. While I was in the military, I was taught to respect everyone, especially sergeants, which I now see the professors as my…show more content…
It doesn’t matter if we weren’t on the same branch or if we just met in college, I feel like all veterans can understand each other and view themselves different from who they used to be (Question 7). Don’t misunderstand me though, I still like to hang out with my friends from high school, but it is just not the same. We might not have the same interest anymore and our mentality certainly differs. Certainly, everyone has different opinions and ideas about combat veterans. Veterans like myself, young and with determination, are enrolling more and more every year in universities. I am proud to have serve this country and I am glad that it changed my life for better. Although being in the military may have had some negative aspects of it, I would never change my decision of
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