Veterans Intervention Scenarios

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The program plan and the action plan tie together when looking into a program; however, both have vital individual importance. The overall problem that the program is addressing is veterans not being able to find housing after going through rehabilitation with the target population being veterans who are homeless, initially in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. North Carolina has one of the countries highest homeless veteran populations due to all the military bases in the state. As with any program there are interventions, determinants and goals that will happen. An intervention will need to be made before veterans begin the program. They risked their lives to protect the nation. It is horrible to have to live on the streets without…show more content…
It will allow the stakeholders, implementers and veterans’ time to witness the operations of the program. At the end of the calendar year the program will be evaluated but an external source. External evaluators are hired from an organization that is separate from the evaluated organization. While external evaluators can be seen as detached, I believe an external evaluator can provide an objective view of the program that otherwise would not be possible. The evaluator can find issues in the program that those internally may not be able to see or even refuse to acknowledge a problem. Interviews will be held with the veterans in the program so the external evaluator can receive personal feedback. They will be asked questions about their mental and emotional state post-rehabilitation, how long it took them to find work, the job they have acquired and how they have felt since moving into their new homes. The utmost truth can be given to the stakeholders, through interviewing, about the programs effectiveness, before the next calendar year. The evaluation at best will be a hybrid evaluation within the Outcome Stage of the Comprehensive Evaluation Typology. The evaluation approach for a hybrid model is real world evaluation, through performance assessment and development facilitation. A real world evaluation for the program will allow the veterans to work, live and continue their success while being observed by evaluators for information. Performance assessment will acknowledge the success of the veterans and what they have accomplished. For example, a veteran might be able to acquire at dishwashing job at the beginning of the program but by working hard and showing good performance they could be promoted to a higher, better paid position. Assessment to instances like this can show a deeper personal success and growth for the veterans within the

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