Veterans Protest The Vietnam War Essay

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Article: When Veterans Protested the Vietnam War Song: We gotta get out of this place In the article, “When Veterans Protested the Vietnam War”, it talked in a first person point of view. Jan Barry, who wrote the article, described many reasons why war was not a good idea. In the song, “We gotta get out of this place”, it talked about how war was a waste of time and that you’ll eventually die before your time. In an odd way, these two actually relate to each other. The article described a firsthand experience of one person during the protests. The song relates to the article by how all protesters think, “Why are you we in this mess?” As bombs go off on schools and houses, student veterans spoke out. In the song, it repeats, “We…show more content…
How the world, one day will become as one because of how diverse we are. There were many bad consequences as well but it was more of beneficial consequences. “Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you”, wouldn’t that be nice? Article: The Vietnam War: How they saw it from both sides of the divide Song: Fortunate Son The article, “The Vietnam War: How they saw it from both sides of the divide”, explained how both sides of the divide saw the war. It was perspectives from a U.S. veteran who who helped execute a mass evacuation and a retired Sergeant Major from the North Vietnamese forces. The song “Fortunate Son”, may not seem like it fits with the article but it actually does in a complex way. The song is about how a guy describes how others were raised and that that was not him. They relate with one another by how from the two perspectives of men from opposite sides intertwine with being fortunate. Meaning, that getting a perspective from one side is a bit more sketchy and not as convincing as what the opposite side thinks. We can only go from what we hear but we weren’t there so who knows how the war really

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