Veterans Suicide And Suicide

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As of 2013, the tenth leading cause of death in the United States was suicide (National Center for Injury and Prevention Control, 2013). Suicide has become a tragic reality for many in this country. In some cases, someone may be pondering suicide and as a way to escape their problems. In other instances, a family or close friend may have lost a loved one to suicide and, therefore, may experience traumatic grief. Of the U.S. population that has died by suicide 2012, 22.2% of those were veterans (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, 2012). Veteran suicide has become a concern for many citizens but getting the veterans to accept help is sometimes difficult. Many combat veterans fear how the general public views them upon their return (Mittal…show more content…
There are probably many more that did not seek help for their problems. Not all veterans with PTSD commit suicide. So why is it such a concern that so many veterans have PTSD? In one study, out of six different anxiety disorders, PTSD had the closest relation to suicidal thoughts and attempts (Sareen et al., 2005). If PTSD is so prominent in veterans and PTSD also has a high correlation to suicidal thoughts, it is imperative that something is done to find ways to reach them before it gets to that point. The symptoms of PTSD can interfere with the daily life of a veteran, which also relates to the risk factors earlier in this paper. These symptoms can result in substance use, family violence, problems with daily functioning, trouble holding a job, and much more. Left untreated, the aftermath of the PTSD itself can cause many more risk factors for suicide. Active military and military personnel have shown a significant reduction in suicide, but there has been no evidence to show such a reduction in veteran suicide (Hendin, 2014). The cause may be a number of different considerations. Support is often available for active duty and military personnel. Even though there may still be a stigma in the military itself, there are at least many people around to keep them company. There are also social workers and other health workers available to assist them in their setting to relieve some of the stigmas of the general population. They may also feel as though they have a purpose and that there is a reason for them to keep going and fighting. As for the veterans, they are often separated from other military friends when they return home and spend the majority of the time with their families. They may feel alone even with family around because their loved ones have not experienced the same things that they have. If the veterans want to receive services,

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