Statement Of Purpose: A Career As A Veterinarian

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I have been interested in this career for a while but I just found out that I would like to do this job because of the job reaches we are doing in class. I want to have this job because I like help animals and making them feel better. This career grabbed my interest because I like taking care of animals and taking care of them. Some of the challenges that I would have about this career is that I might have to move away from home or I would not have enough money for college. After researching the career of a veterinarian, I have decided to pursue this career.
Veterinarians have many responsibilities. They examine and treat health or hurt animals. To start, veterinarians give animals shots to prevent diseases and give the animals surgery or put the animal to sleep. Also, veterinarians test drugs and surgical on animals and inspect and test the animals for diseases. Finally, veterinarians are responsible to plan animal nutrition and reproduction programs and may determine the cause of animals’ death (“Task List” 1). Veterinarians have very many important things to do. The animals have to be treated with kind, and careful especially when they are hurt. The veterinarians will have to talk to the owners about what is work with their pet and will have to mess with many different animals and with have to treat
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I think I would want to do this career I have learned more about this career. This career would be difficult to do because the person would need to be strong in math and science. I learned that to become a veterinarian he/she will need to have a flexible schedule because they might have to come in on weekends or on their day off. Veterinarian have to go through a lot of school and most of them go work with small animals when they get out of veterinary school. I also learned that veterinarians need to know many different medicines for what they do and how it can help the
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