Case Study: The Imperial Animal Hospital

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As Will Rogers once said, “the best doctor in the world is the Veterinarian. He can’t ask his patients what’s the matter. He’s just got to know.” Veterinarians play an important role in the communities that we live in. For instance, veterinarians diagnose, treat and research diseases and medical conditions within animals. Whether these animals are small, large, or exotic, can visit the veterinarian for a checkup or if they are ill. On St. Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands, the Imperial Animal Hospital provides compassionate care services for animals to keep them happy and healthy. The Imperial Animal Hospital and the other veterinarian clinics around the world serve the same purposes, such as providing animals with quality care and outstanding…show more content…
Instead, I had to conduct my observations through the online, virtual world. I must say that the graphics were vast and complexly designed with details and photographs that simulated a virtual reality. As I interacted with the simulated world, I noted the similarities and differences between the veterinary hospitals.
From my perspective, the Imperial Animal Hospital is very pet-friendly. It is painted in a cream-ish color and accented with green window panels and a front door. The triangular shaped roof is painted white. Near the door, hangs a veterinarian hospital medical symbol. Additionally, there is a stairway that leads to the bottom of this 3-story building. Minutes after observing the exterior details of the veterinary building, I peeped through the window; I saw a lady with her cute, white poodle sitting in her lap, wagging its fluffy tail. At that moment, I was excited to venture on the
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For instance, the DKC Veterinary Clinic has a variety of pet foods, medications, and pet-friendly toys; all three vets provide the same items. When it comes to interior design, from my perspective, DKC Veterinary Clinic is on top of the list. For example, this vet has detailed walls and interior that is flamboyant, and attractive. One interior photo that caught my attention was the waiting area. This area has bright lighting, with cozy seating and hardwood chairs, and the walls are painted in a happy color—yellow with an accent of black painted birds flying away from a boy, who is blowing soap bubbles and a cat who is stretching on him. Among all three vets, the various rooms within the building are similar to each other. All vets have physician’s rooms, surgical rooms, laboratory rooms, and a pharmacy. All three clinics have state of the art hospital features of modern equipment, technology, and first-class amenities necessary to provide for their

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