Veterinarian Technician Essay

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When people grow up, they always dream of being successful and becoming something important, such as a doctor or a nurse. My childhood and present-day dream is to become a Veterinarian Technician. I chose this occupation because of my passion for animals and my big heart. This career consists of multiple tasks being asked of the person, and being able to multi-task and have multiple skills. Whenever people hear the words, “Veterinarian Technician,” they focus mainly on the Veterinarian part, if anything. A Veterinarian Technician takes on many roles in order to help their boss, the Veterinarian by being a hands-on job. For example, they provide basic first aid and nursing care to the patients. Another example of what they do is is assisting the Vet in examinations and procedures. Also, they prepare animals for surgery and anesthesia as well as monitor them during the procedure. They also take blood, take x-rays, and run samples through lab. A Vet Tech is mostly asked to work overtime and stay on call in case of someone not being able to come into work.…show more content…
I noticed that I treated all animals with care and compassion which grew to an obsession. In elementary school kids are asked what they want to be when they grow up and most girls’ responses are either, “Princess, Barbie,” etc. My response has remained in the animal field. I figured out in my 9th grade year that being a Veterinarian Technician would be in my best interest. Day in and day out, if I ever saw a homeless animal I would beg my mother to let me keep them and love them. This career fits perfectly with my strengths by having non-stop compassion, being organized, having an amazing work ethic, and being able to handle hectic situations. I think that this career will suit my personality and my character just

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