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As I make my way through years of school, I realize that time doesn’t stop, and I eventually have to ascertain what I want to do for the rest of my life. While college is approaching in less than half a decade, I need to start planning my future. My choice of a career is a hard decision because it can make me successful or unsuccessful in my life later on. After extensive thinking and contemplating, I have decided on a veterinary physician and an architect to be appropriate careers for me. Careers in veterinary physician and architectural design both require me to have communication skills and to have excellent problem solving skills. Although these occupations have similarities, they are entirely different when it comes to what they do, how…show more content…
Architects are required to have a minimum of a bachelor of architecture degree. Most states require that architects receive their training through a program accredited by the National Architecture Accrediting Board (Sheen 11). This would require me to take about five years of architecture schooling. Similarly, most veterinary physicians complete a bachelor 's degree prior to attending veterinary school. After undergraduate study, individuals must attend a veterinary medical school where they can graduate with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (“Animal Doctor”). So, to become a veterinarian, I would have to attend around seven to eight years of extra schooling. Even though it would take three more years to become a veterinarian, the hard work will pay off. The median annual wage for architects was $76,100 in May 2015 (“Architects”). This is a fair amount of money for me if I want to survive with basic needs and support a family. However, the median annual salary for veterinarians is $88,490 (“Animal Doctor”). In these careers, a veterinary physician requires more schooling that an architect, but a veterinary physician would pay more and be worth the time in…show more content…
While schooling and pay has a significant role in choosing a career, the environments of the occupation is another key factor. That being said, architects spend most of their time indoors or in an office setting, where they meet with clients and create designs. They also visit building sites to view the progress of a project to make sure the client 's objectives are being met (Sheen 14). So as an architect, I would be spending most of my time in an office and some time outside the office making sure things are being done right. On the other hand, most veterinarians work in private clinics and hospitals. Others travel to farms, work in laboratories or classrooms, or work for the government (“Veterinarians”). Because I like to be with animals, the work environment of a veterinary physicians would be best for me since I would be spending most of my time around

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