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Career and College Research Paper A veterinary career isn’t a goal easily met, nor quickly met; but I know few people can say they love what they do, and the hurdles I’ll have to face are worth getting to be one of those people. Veterinarians come into work everyday, whether that be a clinic, farm, or lab, treating and diagnosing medical conditions in animals. Depending on the type of veterinarian, this can range from household pets to exotic or endangered species. This is something I’ve imagined working towards since I was able to comprehend what a career was, and I’ve only gotten more determined. However, there’s several aspects I could have not been aware of. Through research, I’ve gained a better understanding of this career and…show more content…
Working with frightened pets and nervous owners requires compassion and patience. And they can’t expect everyone to meet their positive attitude with one of their own. This is where dedication to the job is important. Without a true desire to want to help animals, no matter what the difficulties, it will a hard life to love. Preparing for these things doesn’t have to happen all at once, or after graduation. Volunteering and working in clinics in highschool, as well as interning in college helps tremendously with knowing what to expect when finally joining the workforce. A career in veterinary medicine isn’t achieved in a short amount of time, and finding a good college to spend a minimum of 8 years isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Oklahoma State University (OSU.) is a 4 year university and veterinary college in Stillwater, Oklahoma. In-state tuition is $8,321 and cost of attendance is around $21,921. For some this can be difficult to meet, however it’s not an impossible hurdle to face, 89% of students at OSU receive financial aid, 82% receive grant aid; and 42% take out student loans. (source)…show more content…
Of these, a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) and maintaining a spot within the top 33% of their high school class is simplest to achieve. Another qualification for assured admission is to not only have a 3.0 GPA but score at least a 21 on the ACT. Students who do not have a grade point average or a class rank can also qualify by making at least a 24 on the ACT. Classes required from high school to qualify for admission only includes those necessary for a general diploma. (Oklahoma State University - CollegeData College Profile). In order to to progress education to veterinary school students will have to maintain at least a 2.8 GPA, a minimum grade of a C in all core classes, as well as 60 credited hours from an accredited university. (Requirements For Students Matriculating In Or Before Academic Year 2016-2017). Preparation for college and even my future career started the moment I realized what I wanted to do. I’m currently at a pivotal point in my education, and working to do well in my classes and gain more knowledge about applying for college next year is essential. I hope to become more involved in the school and the community as well as keep straight As. I feel as though these goals can be easily achieved if I apply myself and ask for

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