Veterinary Medicine Personal Statement

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To study Veterinary Medicine is not merely about taking care of sick animals. It is about showing compassion to the owners. It is preventing diseases before they occur. It is about research into treatment and cures of the diseases and in turn the protection of human health. It is about the challenge of making a diagnosis. It is for these challenges, that I know I want to pursue a career as a vet, and with a degree in Veterinary Medicine, I know I could successfully over come these challenges, confident that I have the knowledge to do so. I enjoy hands on, practical work, and I have developed my interest in these practical, in-clinic experiences during my eight weeks placement in veterinary clinics. My work experience was an enjoyable and…show more content…
I also have a great interest in science, which is why I am so fascinated by the veterinary degree. I studied GCSE triple award science, and went on to study biology, chemistry and physics at AS Level which further developed my love for science. This can be proved as I was in the top fifty of two hundred students at a top achieving grammar school with my GCSE results, with a triple A in my science subjects. This also proves my self-motivation and ability to solve problems, skills which are essential to be a successful vet. I have also had positions of responsibilities in my school which allow me to make decisions in a logical manner, such as becoming a peer mentor and a bus monitor. These positions of responsibility have also enabled me to become a trustworthy and helpful person, which owners look for in a vet to take care of their animal. I have a part time job outside of school, which involves working with a team, working under pressure, and effective time management. Managing A Levels and a part time job, while getting work experience proves I am a hardworking individual. My work experience with animals and my school studies make me confident that I would be an excellent candidate to study Veterinary Medicine and to one day become a
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