Veterinary Technician Case Study

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Question 1 Working as a veterinary technician has its pros and cons, but for those with a passion for animals would argue that the pros outweigh the cons. My days as a veterinary technician were a whirlwind. Those days were filled with shifts that ranged from 12-15 hours at a time without breaks including weekends and holidays, short staffed schedules, and no health/medical/retirement benefits all for an amazing $12 an hour with a Bachelor’s degree. Those days were also filled with helping clients understand animal health, assisting in surgeries and dental procedures, administering vaccinations and medications, caring for hospitalized patients, triaging emergencies, interpreting diagnostic results, and of course snuggling puppies and kittens.…show more content…
This allows me to excel in both positions as they are primarily customer service based. However, I do require isolated solitude to recharge the batteries in order to perform the next day. The stress caused from being a veterinary technician is what chased me out of the industry. I worked long hours, received minimal pay, and constantly being overworked and understaffed. Bauer, et al. (2016) stated that the higher the stress levels, the lower job satisfaction tends to be. I agree with the author in this instance, because these stressors are what drove me out of the industry. While my current role is dissatisfying, I am committed to the organization’s values and beliefs. This is the first company I have worked for that cares about employee development and growth, rewards for high performance, giving back to the community through community service, and providing employees a livable wage with full benefits. According to the P-O-L-C framework, my current manager lacks in effectively leading due to his carelessness in understanding how his actions affect my attitude and emotions. Even with the negative aspects involved in my current role, I am able to excel and exceed quota required by management .With my help, we are the top 1% producing team in the…show more content…
She has worked for various clinics in multiple cities, and while she excelled in most of the clinics the outcome generally ends up the same. As I have initially explained, being a veterinary technician isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires attention to detail, long hours, and being pulled in multiple directions all at once while being expected finish a multitude of tasks. Cassie worked for an animal clinic in College Station while attending college. She worked for this clinic for 6 years before moving back to Dallas/Fort Worth. When she was hired at this particular clinic, she started as a boarding technician working in the kennels and taking care of all the boarding animals. Because of her vigor and eagerness to learn, after about 2 years they began to train her in the hospital as a veterinary technician. Cassie has high expectations for herself, and therefore mirrors those expectations onto fellow co-workers and management. She worked extremely hard to prove her worth to management so she could be promoted into the hospital and work full time as a veterinary technician. This resulted in Cassie working longer hours throughout the week days as well as extended into the weekends. She had actually began to work more than 40 hours a week even though she was considered a part-time employee. After months of putting in the time and hard work, she was finally promoted into the hospital and was

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