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Veterinary Technician Veterinary Technicians are the people who check your animal 's weight and look to see if there are any visual problems with them when bringing them to the Veterinarian office. I chose this career because I have always been a huge fan of all kinds of animals. I wasn’t aloud to have animals when I was younger so I became more interested in them. Veterinary technicians also have many different jobs other than checking weight and making sure nothing is visually wrong with the pet. They also do dental cleaning, occasionally take blood and stool samples for the veterinarian (Pearson). People think vet technicians don’t do a lot of jobs but adding up everything they do on a normal day basis, what they are required to remember,…show more content…
The qualifications to become a veterinary technician are you have to have an associates degree. An associates degree only consists of two years of school and they are offered at almost every college. It is suggested to take high school biology and other science classes during high school due to the fact that technicians need to know the different type of tissues. muscles, and bones in different types of animals. To become certified, people must have, work experience in a lab animal facility and pass the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science also called the AALAS (“Summary”). Personally I’m considering going to OSU OKC. I believe osu okc is a technical school but I’m not sure. Oklahoma State University Oklahoma City offers this career and so does Tulsa Community…show more content…
I interviewed Carmen Pearson, she used to work as a veterinary technician at the Veterinarian Office in Harrah off of 29th. She graduated college with her Bachelor 's degree from Oklahoma State University. She gave me such good advice on how to approach an animal, how much she got paid an hour, and also what she had to do on the job daily and even rarely. I asked mrs. Pearson what was the hardest part about being a Vet tech. She replied, “ Making the animals feel comfortable and safe was one of the toughest parts because all pets act different. Remembering what to do in certain situations and which instruments to use was another hard part”. Carmen suggested to learn to love animals, she also mentioned how she grew up on a farm and said it all started on a small farm in a small town wanting to know more about animals. she told me how to put an animal down which was very descriptive. Some advice carmen gave me was to go to a veterinarian office and shadow a veterinary technician. She said that her son is going to shadow a dentist for his future. She also said to me “ Personally I would watch some youtube videos on what vet technicians do because not all offices are the same”. Carmen Pearson told me during our facetime interview was that I need to think about what type of animals I would like to work with. She mentioned that she would’ve loved to work in a zoo but didn’t have the right opportunity. I asked Carmen what her favorite part of being a vet tech was and she

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