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This book will make kids feel sad, happy, and excited for the main character Paco. The things Paco goes through in this book are things similar to the things kids that get adopted or put into foster care goes through. The lesson in this book is that no matter how happy you think you are, having a group of people who support you will always make you happier. This is important because some second graders who were adopted go through some tough times and think that they only need themselves. This book is for second graders, these students appreciate having a family who loves them. They value always having someone to go to when they 're scared. They enjoy getting to have innocent fun without being teased. Everything should be enjoyed at that age.…show more content…
Vianey likes to try to understand alot of things which sometimes stresses her out. She is from illinois, where she grew up for 7 years. She has three dogs, two that she adopted and one that she has had since she was 5. Vianey likes to read, make origami, and watch tv. She is interested in writing about foster care because she is friends with an adopted girl and she is also knows that people who are adopted go through tough times. She knows from expirience and reading books that animals could be adopted too. Paco is a nice dog. He does not bite and is very friendly. But Paco is lonley, he doesnt have a family.This is Lisa.Lisa saw Paco while walking home from school.Lisa saw Paco while walking home from school. Paco was just sitting in the rain looking sad.Lisa thought Paco was adorable, so they became friends.When Lisa told her mom about Paco, her mom was very upset.She said it wasn 't safe to pet stray dogs. Lisa thinks that Paco shouldn 't be a stray dog. She thinks that he should have a family.The next day Lisa walked home she didn 't see Paco. She asked her mom and her mom said that she saw him being taken to a shelter.They went to the shelter and saw a boy being mean to paco.Lisa asked her mom if they could keep Paco.Her mom said okay, and they became a happy

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