Vicks Ad Analysis Essay

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According xxxx, approximately two thirds of the adults experience problem with sleeping every week. Lack of sleep can affect people’s performance at work and school. In a long run, one or two hours of lost sleep everyday can have a significant impact on a human’s health. Most People would choose to go to the drug store to grab a sleeping aid for an affordable price rather than waiting hours in the clinic and pay a large amount of medical bill. Vicks is a brand that is well known by the over the counter medication to relieve various symptoms of the common cold. Vicks is also the creator of ZzzQuil , a sleeping aid. The ZzzQuil sleep aid made its appear on September 2015 edition of Women’s Health. The ad is one page that separates into two parts. The top part is a woman sleeping peacefully on top of a purple bed sheet in a dark room. She has a green blanket under her and the curtain is slightly open. Looking through the window, the moon is in the dark blue sky. The bottom part uses purple as the background with the image of two bottles (warming berry and soothing Mango Berry flavor), and a box of ZzzQuil. There is also a tagline “ sleep like a baby” in white, bold and all capital letters. Underneath is the quote of the product “ The Non-Habit…show more content…
In the ad, the woman is sleeping side way with her leg bent that means that she wants to take the most stress of the back. We can see that half of the green blanket is on the side of her, this image reminds readers of how baby resting on a soft blanket, with a soft breeze. Newborn baby can sleep straight fourteen to eighteen hours a day without waking up. Sometime, when baby sleep deeply, they would kick their blanket to the side just like how the woman in the ad is doing. That’s the feeling most people would want when they go to sleep each night. Thus create the mirror effect to the audience who want to sleep like the woman in the
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