Victim Compensation Case Study

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Victim Compensation is a public payment to people who are judged to have been harmed because of another’s negligence or criminal conduct. When the perpetrator of the crime pays the victim, the term is restitution (Barker & Branson, 2000, p. 11&234). If a victim is required to receive compensation the court will decide.
For example, a mother, Korryn Gaines was killed by the police in Baltimore. She was accused of holding a shotgun and she partly broadcasted the event on Instagram. Korryn was a mother of two but she in the home with her two-year-old son Kodi Gaines. Kodi was shot by the police officer in the face and in the elbow. Due to the negligence of the officer and unreasonable shooting. The all-female jury awarded Kodi Gaines over $32million,
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Many clients may be victimized, and the role of the social worker is to be a witness to help the client get to the turning point to get an adjunction. This process of adjunction is a court decision and process conducted in the court through a legal hearing or trial (Barker & Branson, 2000). The lawyers/ social workers must be competent to express to the client in laymen’s term about the court process and proceedings in the court room. Social workers have a role to keep all their information confidential and make sure documents are not expose and disclosed to anyone without consent. Social workers are entering the realm of law enforcement and the justice system. They assist in helping police, judges, lawyers, crime victims, and political entities. Social workers are very useful in these entities because they bring forth in good faith to care and seek truth and justice for the clients. The entities of the justice system need the services from social workers so that they can assist in crisis intervention, conflict resolution, and conflict…show more content…
Some problems that may arise are instability in emotions for clients who may have had bad encounters with the police. The social worker must help the client function with the new emotions of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and severe anxiety. A solution that the social worker can implement are supportive therapy and group therapy in a controlled environment. In victim compensation a forensic social worker pro is that they seek to help catapult the victims lives and or victims loved one. Through the monetary funds that are allocated to the victims will be able to try to seek and reestablish normality. Korryn Gaines was killed again due the negligence of the officer, the millions of dollars the family obtained will not bring Korryn back. As a forensic social worker, they must give the necessary resources needed for the victim’s families. A con as a forensic social worker is that the rulings in court may not always be in favor of the clients, or the client can lie under oath and cause greater harm to the case. The victim will appear (habeas corpus) in court in good faith to hear ramifications of the
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