Victim Creator Research Paper

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Victims and Creators
The definition of a victim, is one who may make excuses, procrastinates, and blames others or society itself for his or her shortcomings. They usually don’t prioritize properly, placing fun and free time over more important tasks. For example, a college student at an esteemed university has a 5 page term paper due for his biology class. He starts it, then throughout the week that he’s supposed to do it, he decides to go to various parties and get drunk and hang with his friends rather than take care of his important term paper. He ends up not finishing it in time, and receives a zero for the assignment. He blames all of his friends for his own misguided and apathetic mistakes. A creator, on the other hand, has excellent prioritizing skills. They usually meet deadlines due to the fact that they judge the time for play, and the time for actual responsibility. And when they actually do mess up, they blame no one but themselves. Creators take full responsibilities within their lives, avoiding placing the blame on any other entity.
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During the week, a friend of his made plans with him to go to church on the Saturday before the essay was due. Of course the young man agreed reluctantly, knowing he had a paper due. Once Saturday arrives, the young man gets a call from his job, informing him that his dog requires a round of important shots to be done at the resident vet that day. Knowing that he has a small window of time for the paper, the young man reluctantly cancels the church plans, because in his mind, he knows that his education and his dogs’ health are way more important than hanging with his friend all day. He has a good measure of his priorities, unlike a
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