Victimization After 9/11

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Victimization After 9/11 Unexpected and eye opener was the tragic event of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. Being an unexpected event it proved to the United States that it’s border control and protection were not at it’s best level of skills. Not only did it create awareness in politics but also in the society. The fear this attack created led to generalizations and stereotypes of people from the Middle East or people that simply appeared to be Muslim. These generalizations and stereotypes eventually navigated and made their way through schools and young minds, causing many limitations, struggles, and depression to those being targeted. Regardless of this being a racial discrimination on a country majority of those being insulted…show more content…
This change was almost immediate after the 9/11 attack. The attack was not necessarily viewed as a failure in immigration laws or the procedures in airlines, but it had to be dealt with as if they had to fix what needed to be fixed because the United States wanted to decline the chances of anything similar occurring again (Krikorian 567). This being a rapid change it had created poor assumptions and horrible racial profiling, and this was due to poor training and huge amount of fear that was deposited into the nation. Many have encountered this negativity on the sidewalk, in airports, and any public location that is highly protective and somewhat paranoid of people that appear to be Middle Eastern, Arab, or Muslim. Majority of the time these people being interrogated, questioned, or insulted are regular people, people with professions or simply people that mean no harm to anyone. Linda Chavez considers racial profiling an ugly business because it’s not easy to tell the difference between the actual threat. Profiling consists of picking someone almost at random just based on their race or appearance. This happens when highway patrolmen pull over a driver without committing any infraction or when someone is pulled out of an airplane without actions that emphasize threat (Chavez 564). She is not fully against racial profiling mainly due to increasing the level of security causing many Americans to feel safer or more secure. Regardless of incorrect judgment that had been created this would block and disrupt the enemy’s ability to carry attacks on our territory (Krikorian 568). The quick reaction towards the 9/11 attack resulted in these generalizing stereotypes, and also resulted in the insults of

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